Sunday, January 25, 2009

Is this Summer?!


Well our second week has flown past. It is hard to believe it's summer though when I don't think I have been out in a t-shirt yet. I was meant to be going to Stanley this week but the road was shut due to high winds. Apparently that can happen quite a bit in the summer but not so much in the winter. Walking to the bus stop I had to hold onto the children or they would have been all over the place. Still it's an experience!

Other new things I've done this week are spinning, no not the cycling kind. I was asked if I'd ever tried it and straight away I said I wasn't into stationary bikes. The girl laughed and said not that type - proper wool spinning. I thought this was an older lady thing to do but gave it a go. You get a piece of the just shorn sheep and have to brush all the crap out of it - mud, thorns, knots. Then you get onto the actual spinning. Lots of coordination needed and I was hopeless. So I am going back, as other people make it look easy, and I am determined to have my own ball of Falklands wool before Allen's mum gets here. Other new things - Jacob going in the sea fully clothed up to his chest! I went back to Bertha's beach with 3 other mum's and 8 children in total. The children had a lovely time and we saw miniature dolphins in the sea plus a penguin having a swim. Jacob loved messing about and Abi was fine until she fell face first into the sand! I've included a photo of all the boys in the sea and then Abi (before she fell over).

Socially it's been a busy week. Ladies night to meet people, dinner at the top blokes house to meet the person who's about to become Chief of the Air force (or air staff maybe?), anyway pretty high up person. Bit of a nightmare dinner really as it was lamb for main course, which I didn't think I would be able to eat. It was actually OK. I needed the toilet from about the main course onwards and you're not allowed to leave the table. This was not helped by me wearing my hold it all in knickers. So I sprinted to the loos once cheese was done with. Mental note, remember not to wear those knickers to a thing like that again! Our final social thing was last night - Burns Night. Great night, speeches too long but good dancing afterwards. Staggered home at 1am and the children stayed in bed til 7.30am which is very unusual. Allen's still in bed now, he'd had to go in at 5.30am on Saturday morning as they did a practice call out/in.

I've included another photo from a beach we visited last weekend - Gypsy Cove. Hoping to go to another one today but it's tipping it down so we'll see. May have to venture to the ball pit instead.

Hope all's well



kpinnock said...

Great to hear from you and see the pictures. From the mountains to the beach! We miss you guys around here. We are fine. Last week the weather felt like spring 60's and even low 70's. this week back to winter. Have not seen much of Kev - they have had friends visiting and have been in the mountains a fair bit. We will all catch up. I will tell Kelli about the penguins that's awesome.

I saw you called on Skype but was unable to return the call to you. What is your call sign or number? I had to go borrow a camera.

At least you got to celebrate another Burns' night. Take good care great to hear from you.

The best regards,

carriesweatland said...

It doesn't look much like summer, but it still looks fun. I think I'd like to live by the ocean for a bit (even if it were cold). Brian said there is good fishing there. I'm not sure if Allen is a fisherman, but perhaps he should try while you are there.

We're just back to the normal routine here. Not much new about teaching since I commented on your last blog. Your pre-school job certainly worked out nicely. I hope you continue to enjoy it.

Our best, Carrie, Jake, Annie, Brian

Rachael said...

Hi Carrie
Yes, fishing is good here. We're going to leave it up to Dad to stock the freezer when he visits as he's the only fisherman in our family! Starting helping in pre school a bit early due to someone having to go home early but it's working out well. Went up a peak called Harriet today, lovely weather and much better than going to the gym!
Will try and call soon

Claire said...

Thanks so much for your postcard! Girls (as I thought they would be) were very excited about the penguin! They now want to move to the FI's - shame we left the RAF then!!! Although being reminded of call outs - perhaps not! Personally, quite enjoying North CA right now...but great to hear that you are having so much fun there! Take Care xxx

p.s. let me know your address so we can send a pc back -(although not sure how we can top a penguin!!!)