Saturday, August 9, 2008

21 again?


I had a lovely birthday on Wednesday. It started with Abi bursting through the bedroom door shouting 37 today! Closely followed by Happy Birthday sung by my three favourite people and at lastly a cup of coffee! Jacob and Abi had been to Colour me Mine with Allen and painted some pottery items. Jacob chose a heart shaped box and painted a transformer on the top! Abi chose a handbag shaped money box. Once I'd opened it she hurried off to put her money in it! They were great gifts. I'm getting golf lessons from everyone else so, perhaps, Allen and I can venture out on the golf course together without me trying to knock his head off with the club.

Allen and I dropped the kids at zoo camp and then went out for coffee and cake. I had a crappy magazine to read and spent the next 2 hours enjoying the peace and reading about the Jolie Pitt twins. Having picked up the children we then had a picnic followed by ice cream at a very nice place that makes it's own ice cream on the premises. Later we ordered Chinese Take away and I made raspberry champagne cocktails that were tasty. A relaxing day all in all. The photos are off blowing out the candles and flowers my sister sent - thank you very much Katharine and co.

All's well, Jacob's eyes are healing nicely, we can finally swim on Tuesday. Allen leaves for the UK tomorrow - Saturday. Jacob's in school camp next week and Abi does 2 days at ballet camp. It's a Snow White theme - the only outfit we don't have. She's very excited about it all. Next Saturday me and the children are off to visit Carrie in Page, Arizona. We can't wait to see them all.

Hope everyone's well



Allen said...

We never argue.

Happy birthday to the most beautiful person in my world.


carriesweatland said...

Sounds like a good one. Not a lot here. Brian bought a motorcycle (!) Just a smaller one called a "Honda Rebel". He's going to take it to/from work, as his car is going on 12 years old. Pre-school starts on Tuesday, and the kids are excited for it. We're looking forward to your visit! I'll touch base later on in the week. Happy Years, Carrie

ceri said...

glad birthday was nice. we just got back from beach yesterday. going to mum's tomorrow.

i miss eating at that sunflower table in your kitchen!

Allen said...

Where are the updates?

Love to you all from the Wilson Dad!